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XOXO White Acrylic/lurex blend cableknit cowlneck sweater, size L
Good condition--some pilling/loose Lurex threads, but again, nothing really detrimental. There was some gapping around the area of the cable knits but I sewed that back together awhile ago. You can't see it at all now.
Worn for 2 winter seasons...HS dress code.
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XOXO White Acrylic/lurex blend cableknit cowlneck sweater? $?
As I mentioned in the other post, I don't generally set prices for my stuff (leave it more in an auction format, esp if more than one person is interested) but how about like 8 bucks and then I figure out shipping? This item would be a bit more involved bc it's a lot bigger than that other blouse (and couldn't exactly be folded up and placed in an envelope, lol)
i love your icon!
I'm interested in the Q&A (Bloomingdales) purple chenille sweater. E-mail me at VBeckham28@excite.com

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